El Mero Mero Relaunched.

“Five years after it first opened its doors, Mexican restaurant El Mero Mero has undergone a makeover and recently relaunched with a new kitchen team, menu and new interiors.”


El Mero Mero – cocina Mexicana in Singapore

“Since its launch in 2014, El Mero Mero has garnered enduring popularity among Singaporean diners with its elevated Mexican cuisine and engaging setting within the heritage Chijmes complex.”

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Savor Mexican Faves with El Mero Mero’s new menu

“When the flavours work for you, the happiness warms your soul. For me, Mexican cuisine is one of the best mood lifters.

Five years after it made its debut, El Mero Mero has a new menu that combines traditional flavour combinations and current Mexican culinary trends.”


Great Vibe + Very Tasty Food.

“I’d dined here before their refurbishment and liked it. So when the invitation for a tasting of their updated menu came my way, I said yes straightaway.."

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El Mero Mero returns with deeper Mexican roots and moreish flavours.

“Five years since its opening, Mexican restaurant El Mero Mero is experiencing a new challenge. Mexican food is no longer a novelty in Singapore’s dining scene with casual restaurants, stalls and taquerias popping up around the island.
As popular as it has become, it’s a little more difficult to find authentic takes of the cuisine. Americanised versions, such as Tex-Mex, are more commonplace…."


New restaurants and new menus to look forward to in September 2019.

“After a revamp, five years into operation, El Mero Mero returns with a new menu that features a good mix of classic and new dishes. In the tacos department, the Baja fish and the Wagyu are some of their signatures.."

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See Mexican Cuisine In A New Light At El Mero Mero

“Contemporary Mexican restaurant El Mero Mero has recently reopened after undergoing its biggest revamp in five years. Its interiors are modern and dominated by beige hues. The restaurant’s kitchen team has undergone an overhaul, while 60% of the menu has been spruced up.”


El Mero Mero: Better, Newer Furbishments, and the Same Great Food in a New Menu!

"El Mero Mero has managed to refresh and reinvigorate their mission of being the venue that sets the bar for Mexican hospitality. With a newly refurbished space as well as a new menu which showcases both traditional flavour combinations and current Mexican culinary trends."

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The go-to place for Mexican gastronomy.

“El Mero Mero’s new menu showcases traditional flavour combinations, and also demonstrates the current Mexican culinary trends. As representative of a cuisine that has so much more to offer, beyond the tacos and burritos that Singaporeans are familiar with: El Mero Mero hopes to open our eyes, minds, and palates to the power of Mexican gastronomy and hospitality."

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El Mero Mero at Chijmes | Perhaps the Best Mexican Restaurant in town.

The Place Opened since 2014, it was only until recently that I knew about El Mero Mero, a contemporary Mexican restaurant which was revamped and reopened a month ago at Chijmes. Literally translating as “the go-to guy” in Mexican slag, the restaurant is run by Mexican born Alejandro Blanco, characterized by marble table tops and leather seats.."

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